Low Man On A Totem Pole on Flickr.

My latest purchase, bought simply because I am really starting to explore Fred Allen, one of the best of the old time radio comedians. Now, largely forgotten, he seemed to be quite a force for 20 years or so. In searching for his books I found this one, which he wrote the intro to. H. Allen Smith seems to have been hugely popular during the war, a journalist whose anthology of writing - Low Man on A Totem Pole - gave him enough money to work the rest of his life on his own terms. At the moment discovering Fred Allen is work enough, but I will file H. Allen Smith as someone to explore at some future date.

The Shadow. 1930s pulp magazine. on Flickr.

At last we have managed to find a nice solution to show off our little collection of Shadow pulp magazines from the 1930s. The result of a mad two year spending spree in the very early days of eBay, I itched a long time scratch by buying about a dozen or more of these magazines. The oldest is over 80 years old and I still wonder that it travelled through time from the printing presses of the 30s to me in (then) Sydney, Australia. Some are old, busted up and in poor condition, but most are as pristine as they day they were printed. We now have eight of the best framed and in a lovely line in our hallway. Happiness thanks to dd :-)

Men’s Talk - 1950s on Flickr.

Visited the Photographer’s Gallery in London today and saw a really interesting, disturbing exhibition of colour photography in Russia. A mini history lesson of Russia. Worth seeing.

WW1 - Spectra on Flickr.

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London summer. on Flickr.

It’s always good to remember a period of sustained summer while living in London. The city feels mostly grey but is glorious in sunshine. This is a pic I took just before getting up from one of those super comfy lawn chairs in which we had sat for an hour or more (£1.60 p/hour) after a nice long lunch at the Garden Cafe (humus wrap+steak santa+water+wine+waitress with a very high pitched voice.

People come and go. The sit, lie, wake, walk, wander, drink, eat and complain about the pigeons.

Monkey love. on Flickr.

Fishermen, Kenya, 1991 on Flickr.

From my one year away series. This is Lake Victoria near Kisumu. We got a Matatu here. A long ride full of lovely Ugandas, really the nicest people I’ve ever met. Given how lovely Kenyans are, this was quite a surprise to us. I remember around this time we saw a film in a Kenyan cinema about Idi Amin. When he dies at the end, the cinema audience stood and cheered.

Out In The Afternoon. on Flickr.

From the “Under the Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho” exhibition at the Photographers Gallery in London. A small, but really intriguing exhibition.

Camping in 1991. on Flickr.

Camping in 1991. #camp #1991 … A new 35mm slide from my One Year Away series.

HK Swimmers - two. on Flickr.

HK Swimmers - two. Another in a series of swimming in Hong Kong harbour. #hk #hongkong

Swimmers. on Flickr.

Swimmers seen from my hotel room which overlooks Hong Kong Harbour. Everyday a dozen or so men in their 50s, 60s and 70s swim along the length of the part of Kowloon I generally stay in.