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London summer. on Flickr.

It’s always good to remember a period of sustained summer while living in London. The city feels mostly grey but is glorious in sunshine. This is a pic I took just before getting up from one of those super comfy lawn chairs in which we had sat for an hour or more (£1.60 p/hour) after a nice long lunch at the Garden Cafe (humus wrap+steak santa+water+wine+waitress with a very high pitched voice.

People come and go. The sit, lie, wake, walk, wander, drink, eat and complain about the pigeons.

Monkey love. on Flickr.

Fishermen, Kenya, 1991 on Flickr.

From my one year away series. This is Lake Victoria near Kisumu. We got a Matatu here. A long ride full of lovely Ugandas, really the nicest people I’ve ever met. Given how lovely Kenyans are, this was quite a surprise to us. I remember around this time we saw a film in a Kenyan cinema about Idi Amin. When he dies at the end, the cinema audience stood and cheered.

Out In The Afternoon. on Flickr.

From the “Under the Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho” exhibition at the Photographers Gallery in London. A small, but really intriguing exhibition.

Camping in 1991. on Flickr.

Camping in 1991. #camp #1991 … A new 35mm slide from my One Year Away series.

HK Swimmers - two. on Flickr.

HK Swimmers - two. Another in a series of swimming in Hong Kong harbour. #hk #hongkong

Swimmers. on Flickr.

Swimmers seen from my hotel room which overlooks Hong Kong Harbour. Everyday a dozen or so men in their 50s, 60s and 70s swim along the length of the part of Kowloon I generally stay in.

Hall Londres. Another Paris Trip. on Flickr.

Just back from another day trip to Paris. Day starts early, shower and in cab by 6am. Meet A. Coffee. Sandwich. Italian barista practices English on me. Eating at a table on the street, and approach by homeless guy. Embarrassed into giving money. Long train trip. Metro. Office. Meeting and lunch with EY one of our fav CEOs. Long walk through Paris back to Gare du Nord in the sunshine snapping folk here and there, looking at churches, cafes, business peeps drinking red wine. Stop at our usual cafe for a glass of our own. Wade thru the downright ugly folk outside the station, and up the stairs through passport control and arrive in the club. Train. Chat. Taxi. Home. Ahhhh…nother day.

Keep off the grass! on Flickr.

We visited the new PMQ in HK during the week. Near the restaurant/bar is a nice lawn which this young girl decided was the perfect place for a read. Then the heavy hand of authority arrived and it was time to move on. I had two secs to snap this and am pretty happy with the framing, and the girl’s “Huh, me?” expression.

Two Hawks. on Flickr.

Outside my hotel window. Flying. Fighting or playing? Not really sure. This was taken after a long walk along the harbour front. I was back in the hotel room dumping the pics from my little RX100 onto the Mac when the Hawks appeared right in front of my window. Quick flurry of cables and error messages, and I had just enough time to take about 4-5 shots. This is the best of them. Lovely birds. A little bit of happiness when on the road.